Skype English courses & classes

Practice your English without leaving home

If you can’t come to the UK to take an intensive English course, taking regular Skype classes can be a very effective way to maintain and improve your English.

Like our one-to-one classes in Bath, we can focus on any area you need, correct all your mistakes, and give you the opportunity to speak as much as possible, improving your fluency in English.

We use shared online documents so you can read what the teacher writes during the class, and we record the classes so that you can listen again at a later date. This method of listening to yourself speaking English is an incredibly powerful learning tool, and will make you much more aware of your common mistakes and habits.

Classes are available at flexible times of the week, you don’t need to commit to a certain time every week. For more information, or to organise a trial first class, please contact us.

Online Skype English Classes
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