English courses for interpreters

We have extensive experience of working with interpreters from the EU Parliament, and other EU institutions, national governments and from the commercial sector.

Interpreting Skills

We help you improve your interpreting skills, from English to your own language or retour, both simultaneous and consecutive.

We record the classes so that we can repeat and work on the details.

General Fluency

Most of our classes are based on one-to-one conversation and discussion, on a wide variety of topics.

They help you to improve your fluency and to extend your vocabulary - including that relating to the subjects you meet frequently in your job.

During the classes and other times, we use (and encourage you to use) up-to-date colloquial language.

We work on pronunciation and intonation, so that you sound more English.

If required we can work your grammar, and also include class time on idioms, and common expressions.

Listening Practice

We find many different opportunities for listening practice, including talks and lectures, political meetings, law court sessions, and visits to local theatre and ‘improv’ shows.

An optional extra trip is a full-day excursion with a teacher, to London, to hear debates, Question Time and meetings at the Houses of Parliament.

We give you the opportunity to listen to different regional accents – either in real life or on recordings or on-line.

Learning about the UK

We can provide intensive background knowledge classes about various aspects of the UK, to help deepen your understanding of the UK’s history, institutions and culture.

We can supplement these classes with visits to law courts, local political meetings, and guided tours.

Budget & bursaries

We are very familiar with the typical budget or bursary that is often provided to interpreters for training. We can organise a course that will fit these requirements perfectly.

For more information about this, please contact us.

Online Skype English Classes
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