English pronunciation courses

Develop a clear English voice

All our teaching is one-to-one, and we adapt each class to your needs.

We can focus on anything from basic English pronunciation to helping you lose your native accent when speaking English.

Pronunciation of vowels and consonants

We give you practical instruction in how to make English vowels and consonants, with the different positions of your tongue, mouth and other facial muscles.

Then we move on to practising the sounds in words and sentences.

Next you read texts aloud so you can practise speaking English focusing on just your pronunciation –without having to think about grammar, vocabulary etc. as well.

Finally – the most difficult stage! – you try to use your improved pronunciation in normal conversation or discussion, while trying to express what you want to say.


English has a very individual intonation, or rhythm of speech. It is similar to other Anglo-Saxon languages, but very different to others.

It is very important to learn about the emphasis of the syllables in words, and of the words in a sentence. Even if your vowel sounds are correct, you will still not be clear if your emphasis is wrong.

We teach you how native English speakers use contractions, and how the words in a sentence are joined together.

Having the correct intonation will make you understood more clearly. It will also make you sound more English, if this is your aim.


Fortunately, you do not have to spend hours practising pronunciation – little and often is best.

We advise you the best way to practise, with quick drills, commonly used phrases, and reading aloud.

We also record your classes, so that you can hear the teacher – and yourself – speaking correctly.

Job requirements

In a lot of the practice that we do, we focus on the vocabulary and phrases that you frequently need in your job.

We can also practice specific presentations and other business situations.

Special events

If you are preparing for a large meeting or conference, we can help you improve the pronunciation and delivery of your speech.

We will also practise the vocabulary and the probable phrases and sentences you will need in the Q&A session afterwards.

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