One-to-one English courses for adults

Total immersion in English

As we only teach one-to-one, we can design each course individually.

We focus on exactly what you need to improve your English.

Away from the pressures of work and home, and you will be able to speak, think, and hear English all day.

Building fluency and confidence

You will talk about a wide range of subjects, increasing your vocabulary and fluency, and confidence in any situation.

The teachers will correct all your mistakes, and help you with any problem areas, such as grammar and pronunciation.

We help you to use ‘real English’, not formal, 'text-book' language, so you are able to understand other people better, and sound more English when you speak.

Business English

We organise specialised English courses for the specific needs of your job.

You will practice the situations when you will need to speak English for work.

Practical business situations include:

  • Business meetings, interviews, presentations, and negotiations
  • ‘Small-talk’ when meeting clients or colleagues
  • Writing emails, letters, reports, and curricula vitae

Exam preparation

We help you improve your score on the IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, or TOEFL.

We can focus your training on the specific examination areas.

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Total Immersion English Training Pulteney Bridge, Bath
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