Cycling & walking English courses

Practice your English in the fresh air

In addition to traditional English courses we also offer activity-based courses, where you can enjoy either a cycling or walking holiday (or both) while speaking, listening, and practising English.

Our cycling and walking English courses take place in some of the best landscape of Britain, and are a great way to know and experience the country.

These types of courses are run either as one-to-one, so you plus a teacher / guide, or in a small group.

Like our traditional English courses, the teacher will correct your English, and be able to answer any questions you have, but instead of being inside you will be enjoying the beautiful countryside of the southwest of England and south Wales.

Please contact us for more information about the options for these courses, and for the proposed dates for 2018.

Possible cycling events

If you are a cyclist and would like to do a cycle event while in the UK, there are some excellent options which take place near Bath:

Tour of Wessex

26 to 28 May

A 3-day event, based in Somerset, and travelling through some of the best landscape in the Southwest of Britain.

L'Etape Wales (Dragon Ride)

10 June

One of the most famous cycling events in the UK. Spectacular scenery, fantastic atmosphere.
Cycling and speaking English Pulteney Bridge, Bath Pulteney Bridge, Bath Pulteney Bridge, Bath
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